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Grayling Report  December 16th 2020

Same Story - Different Day

Once again the noble brotherhood of Richard’s (B,E,L) assembled to be confronted by a man not called Richard. This time his excuse was his mother thought a biblical name would be nice….. the brotherhood took pity on him and so he came along. Not everyone can have the great name.

Conditions were wet underfoot and after a bit of rearranging we had all the cars parked on solid(ish) ground. The rain held off and with the fish having moved into pods it was a case of moving around to find fish - apart from Richard B who always finds them on the corner. Mid morning the river clouded up and then cleared - the result of ground works going on upstream. By lunch we all had fish - most to nymphs. In the afternoon the rain really came down and the river really clouded up again. High stick nymphing yielded some really nice fish - as you could not see the fish they could not see you so fishing the channels close to the bank was very productive. A bright fly really helped. The other tactic that worked was to fish dry fly using a Griffith’s gnat. We ended the day with over 60 fish. Driving out was a bit slippy but no-one got stuck so a good day out.