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Peter H South Uist November   2017

Gillie Colin Mackenzie provided Peter Huggard and Colin Mackay with a memorable week's salmon and sea trout fishing on the estate lochs on South Uist for the last full week of the season. Colin admitted that it had been a "slow" season and had been tempted to recommend giving the week a miss!

The boat was out all six days thanks to valiant rowing by Colin on at least two of the days following storm Brian and, on Saturday, a day when the ferry couldn't dock at Mallaig. 

Monday saw Peter boat three sea trout on Fada, one at 2.5 and two at 1.5, all fairly fresh. There had been a lot of rain and the loch was very high

Tuesday, the high water helped get two salmon from just below the pipes from Roag to Fada as well as another for Peter on the north shore of Roag. Until he got one of the "neck" of the loch,  Colin's only catch was a 4 in brownie!

Wednesday was a day for a devoted boatman. Colin rowed magnificently against a very strong wind and wave but best that the rods could manage was one good swirl very close to the shore and one sea trout on and off. During the day, a suggestion from the man in the idle of the boat that a trip to the west bay should be followed by a visit to the Borrodale bar was ignored by the rods!

Thursday, back on Roag and no fish now lying in a much shallower neck of the loch. But drifts produced sea trout at 3.5, 3 and 1,25 lbs as well as a finnock. Colin was broken by a very lively, large sea trout - poor monofloro carbon and perhaps too tight a line when it leapt wildly.

Friday, on Fada, was saved by Peter getting a 4lb salmon near the hut on the last drift at about 5pm

Saturday - the only boat fishing (on Fada but no others apparently on any of the lochs when the Club had been offered fishing) but again with a very strong NW wind. Colin used the dap and got a brownie as well as raising a reasonable sea trout which didn't adhere. He then got the best salmon of the week, 6lb, in the east bay while Peter got a sea trout, 1.25lb. Colin again had a large and lively sea trout on fr  short time but it shook the hook out while dancing on the surface.

A superb week, 5 salmon and 8 sea trout, hard work in some strong winds, the fishing made possible with thanks to Storas Uibhist and Colin Mackezie at the oars!