Thames Valley Fly Dressers





Grayling Trip  11th November   2017

Meeting at the usual spot five of us gathered for days fishing on the Test. Unexpectedly for the time of the year it was a balmy morning 11 C and counting. Drove to the hut by beat 1 last man don’t forget to close the gate.

By 9am all were kitted up and spread along the bank some dashing to their favourite spot. The river was quite low with not many fast areas. Plenty of weed cover. Fish were to be found in the deep holes in the river bed and along the main flow. Fishing was slow in the morning session.

Lunch was taken at 12.30 during a heavy shower. Pork Pies topping the menu. Alex entertained us with his tales of work experience.

So, onto the afternoon, much better sport the fish being far more cooperative enjoying the fun. In all some 80 fish were taken in the day. Mostly to the Nymph with some help from the Dry Fly.

Fishing ceased at 3pm just in time to miss the last shower of the day. A slight delay exiting to the road when one of our party skidded on the mud. However, Peter H did an sterling job directing the traffic