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Richard E Bass Fishing August 2017

Bass Fishing 29 Aug 2017

My alarm rang at 3:30 am and I really wondered why I had signed up for this. 5.30 am down on the dock. We were leaving Chichester Marina before the sun rose and as you can see we had a wonderful sunrise. Out on the sea it was perfectly calm with very little wind. We soon found some birds working and were soon into bass. As quick as it switched on it stopped again and so it was time to move and find some more feeding fish. Our efforts were rewarded with some superb bass up to about 4lbs.

We moved again and after hooking a few bass a pod of dolphins came through. It was a fantastic sight watching them come to the surface with a wrasse in their mouths and then throw it in the air and eat it. Regrettably they wrecked the fishing at that spot so our final spot yielded a couple more fish before we turned for home having hooked 27 fish and seen a wonderful pod of dolphins.